Title _ Laudatio Funebris
Period _ 2021
Location _ Berlin, Germany
Status _ Workshop, City as a University
With _ Panta Rhei Collaborative

A multi-ethnic, rich in difference, complex neighborhood; steeped in speculative investment, segregation, and gentrification: this is Wedding.
An artistic institution, not publicized, introverted; aimed at a bourgeois public, a closed circle of people, artists: this is the Bildhauerwerkstatt Kulturwerk.
A ritual, an action, a public announcement; information, a provocation, a denunciation: this is Laudatio Funebris.

The people of Wedding and the BBK share, juxtaposed, (the former deliberately estranged from the latter) the same portion of the city without ever coming into contact. In this context the performance Laudatio Funebris is enacted.

Dear all,

The legitimate act of social justice, namely the announcement of the death of the art institution Berufsverband Bildender Künstler*innen Berlin as it is known, is nothing more than the first act of a precise goal whose aim is to destabilize, disarticulate, and bring down the elitist state of institutions of education and cultural production.

For 70 years, the BBK has been carrying on its artistic activity without the knowledge of most of the Wedding (Berlin) population, thus depriving them of the opportunity for personal and collective growth and enrichment. As of today, this condition will come to an end.

An explicit call is made to the population of Wedding (and Berlin in general) to attend the funerary ritual of the Berufsverband Bildender Künstler*innen Berlin to celebrate the simultaneous apocalypse and genesis of a new institution.

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