Title _ Night at the museum
Period _ 2021
Location _ Orani, Italy
Status _ Entry, Terraviva competition

In an amusing American comedy, a natural history museum guardian suddenly finds himself surrounded by exhibits that are magically intoxicated with life and become the companions of his long wakes. Even deprived of Hollywood fiction, can one think of a ‘night at the museum’? What would it be like to dream surrounded by Nivola’s works, which cradle our sleep and overturn the classic relationship between observer and observed, between work and user?

In order to answer these questions, our project proposal is based on the desire to create a single building that expands the exhibition route, integrating it with the hospitality areas: this seemed to us the most correct way of "living the museum". The building has a longitudinal development and interacts with the existing development of the museum; it is arranged in a finger-like pattern for the reception areas, served by the corridor in which the works of art are also located.

The volume is like a cut in the landscape: a strong yet respectful sign, not intended to overpower the existing building or the natural environment, but to integrate them. The choice of materials was obviously a consequence of this will: cyclopean concrete manages to provide that appropriate balance between natural and man-made that characterises our artificial cavern.

The user thus finds himself in a protected and contemplative environment, which allows him to develop an intimate bond with the work of art: one that only a night spent together can create.

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