Title _ Trampoline
Period _ 2020
Location _ Bacoli, Italy
Status _ Entry, Reuse Italy competition

The project aims to create a recognizable landscape spot that can restore the space next to the ancient ruin.

The addition of this architectural device placed above the cistern is not only crucial to indicate the new intervention, but its aim is channeling and organizing the flows.

We want the proposal to have a clear and defined morphology relating to the public space and the pre-existing building. The bodies of water bring out the light shafts that are in the roof and enhance the external space by recalling the original function of the tank.

As for the museum exhibition and the paths, we intended to define the exposition spaces with very light and reversible partitions, that could create evocative atmospheres thanks to the light filtered by the curtains.

The curtains outline a path starting from the inside of the Roman tank, which is the main theater of the exposition space, up to the top building which houses spaces such as the bookshop, the auditorium, and the reception.

The visitor will follow a path consisting of curtains that sweeten the light above and enhance the space of the cistern.
The museum experience not only highlights the contemporary works but also makes the most of the place that welcomes them.

Water was the main element and prime cause of the original space and now becomes, under the pretext of the enhancement of the surrounding marine landscape, an activator of public space.


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